Newport News Office
(757) 874-8374
13185 Warwick Blvd,
Newport News, VA 23602

Williamsburg Office
(757) 320-1964
1769 Jamestown Road, Suite 2A
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Carrollton Office
(757) 785-4509
15141 Carrollton Blvd.
Carrollton, VA 23314

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Emergency Contact Information

We would like to provide you with claims number to make a claim directly to your company. If your company is not noted below please refer to your insurance policy for the claims number. Thank you.

Erie 800-322-3743
Goodville 800-448-4622
Selective 877-348-0552
Wright 800-366-7475
Travelers 800-443-4404
All Risk 800-366-7475
National General 877-468-3466
Progressive 877-776-2436

Colony wants to be ensure our clients that we will be available to take your claims. If you have a claim please call us first!

Dawn (Personal lines) 717-818-1563
Jennifer (Personal lines) 757-943-1233
Meredith (Personal & Commercial) 757-503-7876
Bonnie (Commercial lines) 757-508-3840
Michelle (Personal & Commercial) 757-725-7664