You need to know how Affordable Small Group Health Insurance will be in 2018

Why should you consider Group Health Insurance in 2018?
Because Group Insurance Plans:

  • Provide richer benefits at approximately the same cost (or less) as individual health insurance plans.
  • Allow you to pre-tax deductions, saving both you and your employees money.
  • Benefits are available for 1099 employees to obtain great benefits for about the same price (or less) than individual health plans.
  • Can be written for businesses enrolling as few as one employeeThere must be one other non-spousal employee with other health insurance coverage.
  • During the “Special Election Period” between November 15th and December 15th of each year, insurance companies allow small businesses to:
  • WAIVE the contribution to the employee’s health insurance premium
  • WAIVE participation requirements. (Ex. A small business may have 10 employees, but only two would like to enroll) This is allowed during this time period only.

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