Have you receive your 2018 enrollment letter from Optima?

As one of our Optima Off Marketplace insureds, you have seen firsthand the tremendous changes in our state’s individual market over the past few years.   This year, with Anthem Health Keepers withdrawing from the market for 2018, the changes are even more dramatic.    Due to Anthem’s upcoming exit, the pricing for Optima Health’s plans will escalate dramatically.

Here are several options you may wish to consider.

  1. Review the option of enrolling in your spouse’s group health plan.  These plan premiums are generally pre-taxed deductions which can result in less costly coverage.
  2. If you or your spouse work at a company that does not currently offer health insurance coverage, this may be the perfect time for them to look into that option again.  Rules for implementing a group health insurance plan are dramatically reduced for the “Special Election Period” of January 1st.
  3. If you own a small business, we will be able to evaluate your particular situation to see if implementing a small group health policy is right for you.  Again the “Special Election Period” for Jan 1st makes the possibility of having group health insurance an attractive option to investigate.
  4. Look at changing your current coverage to a bronze or catastrophic plan. These will be the least expensive plans available.

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