Take Charge Of Your Financial Life Today

A Financial Plan is a Life Plan, and it starts with you taking charge of your financial life today.

Did you know that there are products and programs available that allow you to:

1. Save Money for Retirement, and take advantage of the upside of the Market, while never losing money when the market goes down?
2. Have a guaranteed income stream at retirement that you can’t out live?
3. Have that income stream accessible year after year TAX FREE?
4. Have a self-completing retirement plan if you die early?
5. Have money available to you and your family if you develop a terminal, chronic, or critical illness or injury?

I would love to chat with you about these products and concepts that the wealthy have known about and used for years to grow their assets for themselves, and their families. We focus our efforts on YOU, our Colony Group clients and those in our community. Whether you have entrusted us with your home auto or business insurance, your group health and benefits plan, or your individual or Medicare health coverage, we want to share these concepts with you. If we’ve helped you in the past, but you’ve moved on, come on back and let us talk with you about these exciting ideas.

Whether you’re just starting a retirement plan, or have accumulated savings over the years, we can show you a privatized Pension approach to protecting your retirement savings. These programs can insure that you DON’T outlive the money you’ve worked so hard to save for years. Did you know that most people who begin to access their 401 K or other IRA, have totally liquidated the in an average 6.5 years?!? The amount of people who live the last 20 years of their life on Social Security alone is staggering. As many of you know all too well, caring for aging parents who are living on Social Security alone can be emotionally, physically and financially draining. With the proper planning, you can insure that doesn’t happen to you.

Look for more info in the next few weeks, or you can always contact me at our office if you’d like to know more.


Robin D. Haas
Managing Partner
The Colony Group