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Consulting Services

Navigating all of the changes in the group and individual health insurance market can be difficult and extremely confusing. Keeping up with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the education and experience of a Licensed Professional. Colony Consulting Services offers strategies and advice for businesses and individuals. A Consultant can provide detailed explanation of the requirements the Affordable Care Act has imposed, while providing personalized guidance based on the needs of your business or family.

As these regulations are implemented, fines and penalties are now being issued. Colony Consulting Services will help keep you in compliance. Fee for Service items include:

  • Summary Plan Description Documents required by the Department of Labor (SPD)
  • Section 125 Premium Conversion Plans (PCP)
  • Annual Updates of required SPD and PCP Documents
  • Assistance in selecting and enrolling in an individual insurance plan
  • Review of Benefit options offered through an Employer
  • **Our PayPal Feature is only available for consulting fees through Colony Consulting Services, LLC. This feature is NOT available for premium payments on any policies issued through The Colony Group or the company’s it represents.